Play whe rules and regulations

Play Whe lotto is the national lottery game of Trinidad and Tobago for which you will have to follow the below-mentioned rules and regulations.

Otherwise, you may lose the winning award of the lottery. Let’s have a look at different rules and regulations of play Whe.

About age:

Age, National Lottery Control Board has a clear message that only a person with more than 18 years old can play this Play Whe lottery.

About Ticket:

You are given a ticket for playing the lottery that is the sole evidence to claim lottery after winning it.

In any case, you lost the ticket, you would be unable to claim the winning price from Play Whe

Precaution: Therefore, it is recommended to participants, please keep the ticket close to you, if you really want to claim the winning price.

Illegal Tickets

The following tickets will be considered illegal and a participant cannot claim his winning price.

  • Unissued
  • Mutilated
  • Misprinted
  • Paid Tickets
  • Used Tickets

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