How to Play NLCB Play Whe Lotto [ Perfect explanation ]

We have developed a detailed guide to help people who are unaware of the procedure of this game. I hope it will help you to understand.


Taking part in the lotto game is simple and easy. The play slip of this game consists of 5 similar but different panels. You can see that slips have been categorized in the following way.

  • Panel A
  • Panel B
  • Panel C
  • Panel D
  • Panel E

Every panel of the slip is further divided into numbers from 1 to 36. Selecting 1 number on each panel with a pencil or pen is the first step.

See the below image to get an idea.

Moreover, use a Void box if you have made a mistake while selecting a number on the panel.

Important Panel Details

Amazingly, if you have no idea which number should you select, you can use a quick pick option at the bottom of the panel. By selecting a Quick Pick option, a random number will be assigned to you automatically by the terminal computer.

On the left side of the slip, a section of DAYS has also been provided through which a player can pick a number and can play that handpicked number for more than one time according to the selected days up to 6 days.

As you can see on the left side of the panel, A list of days is printed you can mark it for desired days it is not necessary to play 6 consecutive days.

After this, you can see the left below side of the panel where you can mark the time of the draw you can select “ALL” if want to participate in all draws or select time of draw when you want to play it.

Below the “DAYS” section, another section of the results’ time is on the slip. This section will allow you to select one time for the draw of the selected number.

You can get the tickets from the On-Line Terminal and keep them secure because it is the only receipt to claim your prize otherwise you will not get anything.

If still you have any confusion kindly ask in the comment box we will reply as soon as possible.

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