Mark 8 { Tiger } in Whe Chart [ Proven key Indicators ] 

Tiger is the biggest extant cat, it is also the part of play Whe Chart as the Mark 8. It may include dreaming of a tiger which relates to some greater results regarding the game. 

A tiger in your dream might be an indication of your strong thoughts, emotions, and wishes. It also may be an embodiment of the feelings and emotions of the people that are a part of your life.

Additional Marks that belong to Mark 8 the Tiger   

Play Whe includes some additional marks related to the chart. The additional marks are strongly connected to the game results. So here, I am going to mention the details below:


Gold refers to wealth and power. Most often, gold represents your intellectual knowledge and talent. When you dream of golden things surrounding you, it is a good sign of predicting financial gains and a prosperous life.

Furthermore, If you dream of stealing gold, it means that you are not lucky at predictions and gains.



Lions may represent exploitative feelings deep inside of you such as aggression, that is associated with people surrounding you. Dreaming of a lion in your dream can indicate courage, strength, power, and assertiveness. 

Furthermore, spirit lions may also symbolize that you may have an intimidating situation that has entered your life.


Dreaming of a king in your dream is the subject of your affections or desires. The king embodies the perfect being and hence you are actually dreaming about being the best or being perceived as such. 

To see talking to a king symbolizes that you will have success in the real life.


To see a dream about hunting is a symbol that you are imaginative about acquiring the things you need in life and are confident to do what it takes to get them.

Dreaming of hunting can represent that you are looking for a solution to either a physical or emotional problem.


Most often a dream about fights and fighting indicates the tussle between your morality and reason, and your heart’s desires and emotions. 

This dream sometimes reveals the conflicts you have with yourself. Your subconscious is asking you to make up your mind.


A dog can appear in your dream in many different ways, including dreaming of a dog chasing you, dreaming of a dog biting you, dreaming of killing a dog dreaming of a lost dog or dreaming of a dying dog. 

Dreaming of dogs embodies protection, loyalty, generosity, and intuition. The dogs bring knowledge of the self to awareness while bringing protection, comfort, and sometimes warnings. They might appear to your dream to lead you on your path in life.


Dreaming about medicine signifies that you have found a solution to a problem in your life. 

Medicine can also be a representation of things that can heal, balance you when you are going through a tough period of bad health or uncertain time for example.


Dreaming of a house represents your own soul and self. Specific rooms in the house signify specific sides of your psyche.

Consequently, You may be seeking self-improvement. If you live with others in your waking life, but the dream shows you are living alone, symbolizes that you need to take new moves toward independence.



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