Mark 7 { Hog } in Play Whe Chart [ Robust Explaination ] 

Hog generally refers to a large male pig that has been castrated. Mark 7 is associated with the Hog in the Play Whe Chart.  It is not surprising to appear hogs in your dreams and their occurrence demonstrates some special meanings according to the situation how they come to your dreams. 

To see a pig or hog is associated with being rather persistent in life. It can be related to gulosity and greed in waking life.

Additional Marks that belong to Mark 7 the Hog  

There are some additional marks that are associated with Mark 5 the Parson Man. Here, I am going to mention the details below:


Dirty Water 

You may be dreaming of dirty water in many different ways including dreaming about running dirty water, dream about still dirty water, the dream of cold dirty water, the dream of dirty flood water, or dream of dirty river water. 


To see the dirty water indicates our emotions and feelings. Dirty water represents that you have some negative emotions grown up on you. 


Furthermore, If you were drowning in dirty water, then you may be overwhelmed by many obstacles you have in life, and you have no idea how to resolve them.


Holes can appear in your dreams in so many ways like you saw yourself digging a hole, falling into a hole, big hole, falling into a hole, jumping over a hole, hole in a ground, a deep hole, or a man in a hole. 

To see a hole symbolizes feelings about obstacles you may not like to have or to think about. It might be reflecting the potential to fall prey to a serious issue. 

When you see a dream of falling into a hole demonstrate a  feeling about succumbing to problems you have trouble getting yourself out of.


Dream about a city covered in mud, dream about gold covered in mud, dream about someone covered in mud, dream about serving mud as a meal, dream about mud in water, dream about children in mud, dream about falling into mud, or dream about stepping into the mud. 


Mud in our suggests difficulties and obligations in our life. The way we move through mud or the amount of mud around is quite significant for further interpretation. 


Furthermore, usually, mud indicates responsibilities and problems we have to take care of which can be linking to our personal life or our professional life.

Dirty Clothes 

Most often, to see a dream about wearing dirty clothes signifies a positive result, a good profit, success, or wealth. But sometimes it may be a  warning of a loss of money, vain risks, or loss of reputation. 


Dreaming of wearing, taking off, or washing clothes can be determined by your feelings in a dream.

Full bag 

To see a Dream of a full bag demonstrate the burden of responsibilities you have. If you dreamed of carrying a full bag around, that dream is generally an indication of many duties and responsibilities you have. 


Consequently, sometimes such a dream could appear to symbolize managing to finish some work successfully or being able to assign some duties to others and finding relief that way.


Dreaming of sickness can be a horrible experience for you and sometimes you may be afraid of being ill.

You may dream of being ill such as, To be sick, to be seriously ill, dreaming of being ill and then getting well, dreaming of your partner to be sick, dreaming of your child to be sick, dreaming of your mother being sick, dreaming of your father being sick, dreaming of your siblings being sick, dreaming of your cat being sick, dreaming of your loved ones getting well or to be surrounded by sick people.



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