Mark 3 Carriage in Play Whe Chart [ Proven Marks info ]

Mark 3 is referred to as the Carriage in the Play Whe Chart. Play Whe has strongly connected to dreams and people think that dreams are key to win the game. 

People are conscious to know the results of the game, so in Play Whe dreams make it easy to forecast the results. Here, I am going to talk about seeing a carriage in dreams and what it means regarding the game. 

The carriage that you see in a dream, including any vehicle, means moving towards a goal, striving to complete some business and the purposefulness of a person. Being a coachman of a carriage in a dream is about a change in life. So, it can be an important clue that you can win at some point in the game. 

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Additional Marks that belong to Mark 3 the Carriage 

As above mentioned the Mark 3 is referred to as the Carriage, still there are some additional marks that are also associated with Mark 3 the Carriage. So, let’s discuss the details:


You can see a tire or bundle of tires in your dream. It may include any kind of tire, no matter a car tire or a bicycle tire. 

Dreaming a tire is associated with the need to move on in life.  A flat tire indicates your emotions, the fact that you are feeling somehow confused and perhaps disguise. Tires in a dream can also represent the feeling of tiredness and being fed up with everyday life.


Bicycles or bikes are a favorite means of transportation for some people, and in some areas, they are prepotent means of transport. You can see a bicycle or many Bicycles in your dream. 

Bicycles can be a powerful sign and reflect our current life circumstances. They often symbolize the cycles and phases in life because they represent motion just as our life is.


A truck is a means of transportation, so dreaming of one is about a journey towards a destination. This may indicate moving towards your goals, your aspirations, and your dream. A truck is usually thought to be a positive sign as it incorporates strength and toughness.


A van in dreams symbolizes moving forward and peaceful space in life. When one sees a van in his/her dream, it may be indicating a symbol that more space is needed. Furthermore, it can also be a sign of an adventure or progress moving forward and taking people, things, or even emotions with you along for the ride on a future path.


Fire can appear in our dreams in a number of different ways and can be a very powerful symbol. Learning about the dream meaning of fire can help you better understand the game results.

To see the fire in your dream could also be a clear sign of Strength and Force. Just as it can mean strong feelings about something occurring. It can also represent a force in your life that seems difficult to overcome, or a strong force may even be working along with you to help you reach your goals and aspirations.


You can see a large crowd or be in a Crowed. It may represent a massive sense of consensus or social support. 

Consequently, like everyone, you know about an issue. Feelings about having many people being interested in your ideas.


In general, eggs indicate life, hope, life cycles, beginnings, abundance, fertility, and much more. 

Simply dreaming an egg means you think about such wide concepts in your waking life or on a subconscious level. An egg could indicate ideas that are yet to be brought to light. 


To see a peacock in the dream is usually considered to be a great omen. Consequently, the dream message suggests you will soon have great luck. 

Prosperity, happiness, and joy are promised when the peacock visits in a dream. Furthermore, the dream does not navigate negative traces. 


The presence of an airplane in your dream symbolizes that you will overcome your impediments and rise to a new level of eminence and status. 

You may feel a higher consciousness, newfound freedom, and greater awareness. Perhaps you need to develop a better perspective or a wider view about something.

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