Mark 21 Mouth in the Whe Chart {full illustration}

A mouth demonstrates communication, talking, backbiting, unable to convey your feelings, expressing your emotions and feelings. When you see your mouth being closed by someone you know, that person is dominating you in your real life. If you see the mouth of a girl and you hear her voice, it means someone is gossiping or backbiting about you.


Play Whe has strongly influenced by the dreams and mouth sign has a significant impact regarding your game results. In-Play Whe Chart mouth is associated with Mark 21. The dreamer can see himself opening his/her mouth or see anyone else speaking or opening up the mouth. 

Additional Marks linked with Mark 21 the Mouth 

The mark 21 is not solely owned by the mouth, there are still some more marks that are linked with mark 21. Here, I am going to put the details of all the related symbols. So, keep reading:



Teeth are used to eat, tear, chew, bite, and gnaw. For this concern, teeth signify strength and power. So the loss of teeth in your dream may be from a sense of losing power. You may be experiencing feelings of lack of confidence or inferiority in some relationship or situation in your waking life.


Talking in a dream might symbolize your feelings about another person you are in touch with, getting to know, or sharing ideas with. Telling yourself what you think of him sled you should do or telling ideas to yourself. Contrarily, talking in a dream may describe guilt, jealousy, fears, or insecurities, that are influencing you.

mouth teeth


To see yourself arguing in a dream demonstrates a few issues with someone in waking life. Dreaming about fighting is normally conditioned by feelings of anger and a revolt towards somebody and the subconscious brings it out like a dream.


Water Hose 

To see a water hose in dreams signifies renewal and maintenance. When you see water coming out of a garden hose it predicts that you and your business will grow and succeed. If you dream you water the garden using a garden hose, it means you will make new friends and relations.


Dreaming of being in danger symbolizes danger in your real life. Something dangerous is on its way and you have to prepare yourself for it. But you don’t need to be worried at all, it is not a bad sign or bad luck, but just a pure warning for you to prepare yourself. If you dream of avoiding danger, you have been feeling insecure afterward.


Dreaming about dancing is a positive and happy dream. It generally refers to a person’s way and level of feeling happiness, joy, and a sense of confidence and victory. In general, a dancing dream forecasts happy times in the future. To see yourself dancing means that you need to think about a specific rhythm of your life.


To see yourself running in your dream could mean that you do not want to accept reality as is. When you are facing many challenges in life, and you feel you lack the capacity to resolve them, then you may see yourself running in your dream.


Dreaming of a  horse might indicate energy, endurance, freedom, strength, power, stamina, but also hard work. It might also be signifying male sexual strength and masculinity. Running horses demonstrates freedom and release of repressed energy.


Cats are considered to depict power, emotions, creativity, and independence. They might also symbolize deception, bad luck, or misfortune, bad luck, either you suspect someone could be deceiving you, or you might be deceiving yourself about something or someone.


Cats are generally associated with the representation of commonly feminine traits like intuition and vulnerability in both females and dreamers. How a cat is seen in a dream usually signifies how the dreamer will have things, both consciously and unconsciously.


BOATa small vessel for travel on water more (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)

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