Mark 20 Dog in Play Whe Chart [comprehensive note] 

Even though dog can’t express their love in words, they have an unexpectedly large range of ways to show their love and care.

Dreaming of a dog is usually no surprise that a dog in dreams indicates care, trust, loyalty, and unconditional love.

In general, seeing a dog in a dream symbolizes your positive resolution in life and a reminder not to stray off your moral path. It can also mean you’ve been overlooking your gift’s talent.

Play Whe Chart involves the dog sign as the  Mark 20. The dreamer can see himself with a dog, a dog with one of his friends or relatives, or a dog pursuing him. The dog’s appearance in dreams has different meanings depending upon how a dog comes to your dreams. 

Additional Marks linked with Mark 20 the Dog


The dog is not the one sign which is associated with mark 20, there are some additional marks that are linked with Mark 20 the dog. Here, I am going to discuss all the important marks that are connected to Mark 20. So, keep reading:

dog pet


Police are a sign of authority and power since they work for the administration. Dreaming about policemen is not quite common but when you see them then they have a strong symbolic meaning.

In general, dreams about police indicates authority to discipline, following laws and rules, structuring, and restoring sanity.


To see a policeman in a dream personifies that you will be loved by the people around you and they will be looking up to you as a chief.

When you see police officers in the public and you have nothing to do with them, it demonstrates that you need to be more alert of the environment you’re living in. 


Furthermore, such a dream also means that you should be more conscious of the people you’re opening up to and share your ideas with them.


Dreaming of a lion in your dream may indicate courage, power, strength, and assertiveness. Lions can epitomize reportorial feelings deep inside of you such as aggression towards people around you.

Spirit lions may also symbolize that you might have a dangerous situation that has entered your life.


When you see yourself arguing in a dream, it symbolizes unresolved problems with someone in waking life.

Dreaming about fighting is normally stimulated by feelings of anger and a rebel towards someone and the subconscious brings it out in your dream. Consequently, If you are having issues with someone in waking life then this dream is common.


If you see a thief in your dream, it suggests that you may have something valuable in your real life which somebody wants to take away without knowing you.

The loss of a relationship, energy, and loss of time can occur if you are not careful enough and admire them and care for them in your waking life.


When you dream of someone being mad at you, it generally means that you are angry with a side of yourself at a subconscious level.

Now that delinquency is being brought up in your dream. Dreaming about a friend being crazy may incorporate the need for you to be a friend to yourself.


To see a robber or bandit means that you are in threat even though you are unaware of it. It is possible that someone is planning to kill you, so you should pay more attention to your safety and business security.


Furthermore, it also indicates that someone will take over your job. The person who is acquiring your job is not as capable of doing it as you are.

So, it might be indicating that they will lose important clients and get you in debt. If you don’t modify the way you run business soon, you will face big losses.



Dreaming of a house personifies your own self and soul. Specific rooms in the house manifest a special aspect of your psyche.

You may be seeking self-development. If you live with others in your real life, but dream that you are living alone, signifies that you need to take new steps toward being independent.

Boy child 

To see a boy child in a dream embodies that there is a good, pure, and angelic intention of a “male” around you.

Most often, after seeing such a dream you may encounter that there is a voyage about evolution. This could be simply a transformation to motherhood if you are pregnant or planning to be.

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