Mark 2 Old Lady in Play Whe Chart [ Proven details ]

Mark 2 is referred to as the old lady in the Play Whe Chart. Play Whe has a strong connection with dreams and people think that dreams play a crucial role in winning this game. 

Furthermore, people predict the game results through the dreams’ objects. They see different things or situations in their dreams which allows them to forecast game results. So, I am going to discuss the details, read carefully. 

old lady

To see an old lady in one’s dream is a positive sign. It may include an old lady or many old women. The old ladies are present’s paying more attention to your feelings and emotions. These dreams often represent tyrannized feelings and the desire to seek your inner voice.


Additional Marks that belong to Mark 2 the Old Lady 

There are some additional marks that are associated with Mark 2 old ladies. Here, I am going to explain the details below: 


Nurses play an important role in everyone’s life as they are impelled to take care of people when they are sick. You can see Nurses in your dream in many different ways.

Dreaming of nurses may include meeting a nurse or nurses, talking to a nurse, being a nurse, having an argument with a nurse, having a fight with a nurse, hiding from a nurse, to kiss a nurse, killing a nurse, and see a nurse at your home.

Nurses are a clear sign of affection and care. Dream about nurses also symbolizes to help, cure, and overcome the challenges. 

Woman & Children 

A woman with children present in a dream most often indicates a positive sign of prosperity. There might be one or more women with children.

Such dreams are usually associated with women. That is why such dreams are mostly seen by women. However, some men may also see dreams of something alike. When someone sees such dreams symbolizes the winning results of the game.

Biggest Fire 

You can see the fire in your dream. It may be a flame, combustion, explosive fire, or outdoor wood fire. Fire in a dream indicates many great and powerful things such as; enlightenment, destruction, passion, purification, anger, magic, and transformation.

Fire is an indicator of great power, so your subconscious may be symbolizing the great results of the game. It may indicate the winning results. 


You can see a dog or a mute of dogs in your dream. It may be also with a person, no matter with a man or woman. Dreaming of dogs indicates loyalty, generosity, Intuition, and protection. They symbolize the knowledge of self-awareness while bringing protection, comfort, and sometimes warnings. They have come to your dream to guide you on your game results.


Dreaming lights is really a positive sign in itself. In this mark, you can see room lights or street lights. It can also include vehicle lights or traffic signal lights.  Light in your dream symbolizes greater understanding, insight, guidance, and clarity.

Furthermore, if the light was bright, it may indicate that you need to find a greater awareness or learn to feel more. A bright light is often referred to as some great results of the game.

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