Mark 17 Pigeon in Play Whe Chart [completely described]

The pigeon represents freedom, dreaming about these birds, indicates changes in the personal relations of the dreamer person. 

If you see yourself trying to catch a pigeon in the dream, it symbolizes that you will receive love from your partner soon.

If you see white pigeons, it is a good sign. Consequently, a white pigeon symbolizes great fortune and good luck. 

In the Play Whe Chart pigeon is referred to Mark 17. The dreamer may be seeing a pigeon or a band of pigeons. This might be a sign or clue indicating your luck regarding the game results. 

Additional Marks that belong to Mark 17 the Pigeon

The pigeon is just the one side of the picture, still, there are some additional marks that are associated with Mark 17 the Pigeon.

In this piece of writing, I am going to explain these additional marks, so read more:



Dreaming of white, or seeing a white scene means someone will uplift your self-awareness. This color also symbolizes a new start-up and entering a new pure phase of life. It also depicts openness to experiencing different elements and going through some significant changes.


Dreaming about fowl signifies a positive phase in life. You may be going to experience something fabulous anytime soon.

But same as any other dream, this can also have negative interpretation. The fowl is also associated with cowardice or lack of strength and will to do something that must be done.

Pretty Birds 

The Appearance of birds in a dream symbolizes what you want out of life. Colorful, Beautiful birds represent that you are with the right person and will have a marvelous marriage.


To see yourself catching a bird is a symbol of prosperity, good luck, and abundance. Birds flying across your dreams give you the messages of wealth, abundance, prosperity, and prosperity.


Flowers symbolize beauty and fragrance. When you see flowers in your dream this might depict that you will have joy and happiness in life.

Dreaming about a bunch of flowers is a sign of perfection and spirituality. Your dream could be an indication of love, joy, and being content in life.

Flowers can also denote a specific period of time in life.


Dreaming about a  lion can indicate courage, strength, power, and assertiveness. Lions can symbolize reportorial feelings deep inside of you such as love and aggression, that is directed at people surrounding you.


Furthermore, Spirit lions may also represent that you might have a terrible situation that has entered your life.


Appearing dogs in dreams is a common thing. Dreaming of dogs indicates loyalty, generosity, intuition, and protection.

They demonstrate knowledge of the self to awareness while bringing protection, comfort, and sometimes warnings. They may have come to your dream to show you the right path in life.

Young Girl 

Dreaming of a young girl in your dream symbolizes your inner truth, purity, naivety, true nature, and fragile emotions.

Most often, we have dreams of a young girl when we need someone to take care of us. Do you feel a need to be loved? It also represents opportunities, fresh ideas, and self-development.


To see a sailor in a dream can indicate your ability to work hard to achieve your goals and success in life. It also demonstrates the ease with which you go through life. 

A sailor demonstrates water and your inner feelings and emotions. To see a dream of a sailor may symbolize that you like to solve the problems in your life yourself.


To see yourself in a large crowd of people symbolizes a need for privacy, space, or solitude. You might feel that you can’t conceive clearly or honestly about your real feelings.


Furthermore, to dream of watching a large crowd of people that you are not a part of may indicate feelings of being left out.

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