Mark 16 Jamette in Play Whe Chart [Complete Narration]

Dreaming of Jamette reflects your actual confused state of mind and the foolish events of your waking life. Detach every single element in your dream that is confusing you and analyze the meaning of that specific sign.

On the other hand, dreams of jamette symbolize that you are being attracted in opposite directions or you do not know which viewpoint is right.

In the Play Whe Chart, a jamette is associated with Mark 16. It includes dreaming of a jamette or a group of jamettes. This might be a symbol or a clue regarding your game results. 

Additional Marks that belong to Mark 16 the Jamette 

There are some additional marks that are associated with Mark 16 the Jamette. In this writing, I am going to explain these additional marks in details, so stay connected:


A woman appearing in a dream is a common thing. The woman in dreams might be a reflection of you and can also be linked to suppressed wishes.

The dream may include a group of women, a known girl, or an unknown woman. As every dream that we see is a symbol of our current state of mind, women appearing in a dream may be a sign or symbol of something. 


Dreaming about a woman is associated with greed, emotion, and energy. It also symbolizes the need to identify life, death, and rebirth. Consequently, the woman’s picture in your dream indicates this process and the span of life. 

A woman, either in the study, work, or business represents happiness in your life, even if you are a woman yourself. In each woman, there is a need to represent and there is also an ability to nurture. This dream also signifies the caring side of someone’s personality. 



To see a prostitute in a dream symbolizes your own desire for freedom and happiness, and is a dream of power.

These dreams demonstrate your own expressions that need to be let out and usually are an indication of your own power and control challenges.

The person in the dream can also represent that you are feeling shameful about something in life.


To see yourself as a prostitute in a dream advises that you need to focus on your inner desires.

Furthermore, appearing of a stripper in a dream indicates the need for a negative self-image.


To see yourself in a quarrel symbolizes a hurdle and struggle of some kind. Usually, these dreams are direct depictions of what is going on in your life and that there is a conflict or a struggle that you are being faced with.


Dreaming of a curse refers to the worry and stress in your everyday waking life. Such kind of dream can mean that you are going through an unhappy time in your waking life.

There may be suppressed feelings and emotions bursting to come out. You need to face these to deal with them once and for all.



Dreaming of confusion or disturbance represents trouble and loneliness. Keep to frequent paths.

If the main theme of your dream was a general or overall atmosphere of confusion, you might be being warned to continue along with your present lines, as any changes you are expecting could prove awkward at this time; but if your dreamed confusion was completely personal, it predicts recovery of a long-lost hope.

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